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Even though we are surrounded by real estate in our everyday life, most of us do not pay attention to the particulars of any area until we have a need and, quite frankly, that is as it should be. When it is time, you need to be allied with a competent commercial real estate professional who can guide you through the process.

Commercial realtors all have access to enormous amounts of data, which anyone can download off the internet. However, you need to relate that data to your specific business and convert it into knowledge to determine your occupancy needs with long and immediate goals in mind in a flexible and productive manner. If your cost of occupancy is higher than the competition, more than likely you are already at a disadvantage in bidding your contracts. To that end we offer many services of value:

Do you need industrial tenants or buyers for your building?
Our market reach will help expose your property to a pool of prospects by targeted mailers, email blasts, and other means depending on the purpose of your building. Our databases are proprietary and specific to industrial tenants based on different disciplines such as cooler/freezer users, manufacturing, high-tech manufacturing, including skiff users, wholesale distributors, convention services companies and the like.

  • Are you looking to lease or buy a warehouse?

Whether you are just starting out or looking to relocate for geographic reasons or expansion needs, we can absolutely steer you advise on a timeline to achieve your goals. Buying a warehouse typically involves a longer timeline, due to financing contingencies and the due diligence required for such an acquisition. Leasing may take less time if your needs are relatively generic. However, if you have more unique requirements, such as air-conditioned warehouse, freezer/cooler, outside storage, your requirement is harder to find or more time-consuming and expensive to create. We will educate on the availability and the associated costs regarding these unique situations.

  • Trying to decide if you should buy or lease?

We are not CPA’s, however, we are immersed well enough in the market that depending on your business, i.e. inventory needs, expansion potential, industry statistics, we can produce a lease vs buy analysis for your business, which can indicate a typical breakeven point of the advantages of owning vs. leasing. The answer is not as black and white as most people think and we need your input to produce these analyses.

  • Do you have a unique requirement, not readily available in the market that you need to buy land and build?

Usually the industries that need atypical building requirements such as higher normal parking requirement, a food processing plant, etc have such unique characteristics that in most instance it will likely be necessary buy the land and build the building to either lease or to own. We can assess the market availability before you embark on such a time-consuming, but all so rewarding venture.

  • Do you invest in real estate and you need to count on effective research and experience?

You are not a user, but you like the tangible nature of real estate, want to use it for depreciation benefits for taxes and enjoy the cash flow of a building, while it is appreciating in value. These are all very valid reasons why a great deal of high net-worth individuals choose to invest in real estate. We have investment models to evaluate sophisticated risk-return analysis.

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